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Budapest and Debrecen airports also join the V4+ group

There are now 24 Central European airports in total in the V4+ group.

Twenty-four Central European airports, including Budapest and Debrecen, are now part of a seven-country cooperation called V4+, which aims to exchange experience and information, as well as apply for external resources, the Hungarian Telegraph Office (MTI) reported based on a release from the press service of the state-run Polish airports (PPL).

The V4+ group, comprising airports in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland, is still an informal organization.

The creation of the group is justified by the fact that the coronavirus epidemic has made it significantly more difficult for airports to operate worldwide.

Gradually returning air traffic, on the other hand, inspires confidence that we are already over this difficult time. PPL writes. However, the challenges facing airports will be difficult to overcome without mutual support, they add.

They emphasize the need for the rapid exchange of information and the development of common rules. The plans include the acquisition of external resources for the implementation of joint projects, including the use of instruments linked to the Visegrad Group.

The next meeting, scheduled for September in Warsaw, will cover topics including the common position on amendments to international aviation law, the joint organization of trainings, the promotion of tourism and culture, and the exchange of information on airport security.

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