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Budapest Airport’s new Main Gate is completed

The new facility consists of a 440 square meter building and parking spaces for 123 cars.

The new Main Gate has two and a half times the capacity of the previous one, with an average of 3,000–3,500 people entering Liszt Ferenc International Airport through the gate every day, including airport employees and visitors, employees of companies renting various airport facilities, and trucks of freight-forwarders.

The gate will completely replace the vehicle access previously handled by Gates D and J, but the new cycle path and pavement also make it easier for people arriving on foot or by bicycle to access the airport’s operational area.

Of the four new lanes, two accommodate inbound traffic, one can accommodate either direction (for oversized vehicles), and one allows for outbound traffic. The building is surrounded by 3,000 square meters of green space, and solar panels on the roof provide a third of the building’s electricity needs.

The new Main Gate was co-financed by the European Union as part of a total development package of HUF 6.2 billion (€17,460,000), 85 percent of which was provided by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Over the last five years, the funding has been used to complete, among other things, the roundabout in front of Terminal 2, the construction of the road section linked to another double roundabout, the creation of new cycle lanes, the replacement of the security fence alongside main road #4 bordering the airport, the renovation and extension of the railway siding from Gate C, the construction of a railway freight transporter facility, and the modernization of the airport’s fire station.

Budapest Airport has also built a new internal service road, equipped with modern LED lighting, and is in the process of installing 10 electric chargers at the Main Gate and along the new road to promote e-mobility and achieve Budapest Airport’s ambitious net-zero carbon targets. The cost of the Main Gate was nearly HUF 830 million, Budapest Airport said.

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