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Budapest Airport was awarded for its innovative sustainability program

The International Council of European Airports (ACI Europe) awarded Budapest Airport for its developments in the field of more sustainable transport.

Within a month, Budapest Airport received two international environmental awards. In October, it received an award for innovation in sustainable shopping, and now it has been given the Eco-Innovation Award for innovations that reduce environmental impact. The latter award was primarily for its program and developments focusing on sustainable transport and e-mobility.

Sustainability is a key aspect of Budapest Airport’s development program, while its work on airport mobility aims to reduce the environmental impact of transport and commuting activities in and around the airport by encouraging the use of electric vehicles. As of today, 76 ground service vehicles have been replaced, saving the airport around 120,000 liters of fuel per year and reducing its CO2 emissions by 300 tons per year.

The airport has replaced 10 fleet and manager cars with electric or hybrid models as well, saving an additional 19,000 liters of fuel and reducing CO2 emissions by 50 tons per year. For these vehicles, Budapest Airport has installed 42 chargers, a number that is constantly growing in line with demand.

Recently, the airport also handed over dedicated parking spaces and an electric charging station to car-sharing service providers and is dedicated to the continuous improvement of public transport, including cycle paths in and around the facility. 

Dr. Rolf Schnitzler, CEO of Budapest Airport, said that Budapest Airport has made sustainability one of the company’s main strategic principles, and it will continue to follow a long-term approach. 

For three years now, Budapest Airport has maintained an unbroken carbon-neutral status. Last year, the company also joined an initiative called NetZero by 2050, in which it pledged to reduce carbon emissions from airport operations to zero by 2050, at the latest.

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