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Budapest Airport is ready for the travel season

Budapest Airport expects an increase in passenger numbers starting this summer.

In 2020, Budapest Airport (BA) handled a total of 3,859,379 departing and arriving passengers, registering a 76 percent decline versus the previous year.

The large drop in traffic is far from unique. According to Eurocontrol, airports across Europe saw 1.7 billion fewer passengers while the number of flights fell by 6 million a year due to the coronavirus epidemic. 

Despite COVID-19, the Liszt Ferenc International Airport continued to operate in 2020. Thanks to the responsible management of previous years and existing capital, the company is stable and its financing is secured. Because of this, the development of the airport continued during the coronavirus epidemic as well.

In 2020, almost the entire airport was renovated. There is now a new 11,500-square-meter passenger area as well as a larger baggage area that will increase the airport’s baggage sorting capacity by 50 percent.

In front of the terminal, the area for loading and unloading has also been renewed. Meanwhile, the departure hall of Terminal 2A has new flooring, and the promenade connecting the parking lots with the terminal is now protected from bad weather. 

Bathroom capacity is also almost 75 percent higher, and there are 11 new drinking fountains; plus, there is a brand new information system for travelers, including automated systems to minimize contact.

Budapest Airport has been making sure that the health of both passengers and staff is protected by continuous disinfection and cleaning since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. 

Effective epidemiological measures were also certified in 2020 by two international aviation associations, ACI and EASA.

The volume of passenger traffic seen in 2019 is expected to return sometime between 2022 and 2023, Rolf Schnitzler, CEO of Budapest Airport, said.

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