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Budapest Airport has published a travel book with recipes

"This Is How the World Cooks" takes the reader to 48 countries, including Hungary, through travel logs and traditional recipes.

The book contains 52 recipes, including pork with mushrooms, which was the personal favorite of Ferenc Liszt, the airport’s namesake. Readers can also learn about the specialty of chef Gabriella Szikra, who prepares the dishes, sweet and spicy strawberries.

The reader-traveler can get a taste of the colorful and diverse world of spices, ingredients, cooking methods and food culture through recipes from five continents. The special recipes can bring back memories of previous trips or encourage the recipient to discover new destinations and taste the specialties of their own country, the publisher said.

The book, which was produced in collaboration with the editorial duo Gabriel & Violet, will not be published commercially, but a limited number of copies will be available for purchase through a prize drawing on Budapest Airport’s social media channels.

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