BMW’s Debrecen plant to go into test production in two years

Trial production is scheduled to start at the end of 2024.

The Debrecen plant will be a model factory in the BMW system, as it will be their first base for the production of exclusively electric cars. The Neue Klasse model will be built here, and the company recently announced that the vehicles will be equipped with so-called sixth-generation batteries. These will have a 30 percent higher capacity than the current fifth-generation batteries, and the charging rate could also increase by 30 percent.

BMW’s Debrecen plant will be built on 400 hectares of land in the Northwest Economic Zone, while a so-called supplier industrial park will be built on 100 hectares. First, the head office building and the training center will be completed, followed by the construction of the production plants.

Almost all the transport improvements in the economic zone have been completed, with some rail investments still underway. In addition, the road to the motorway interchange in Józsa and the roads linking Nagymacs to the economic zone are still to be completed – both are currently being procured.

Structural work has also started on the BMW factory buildings, Trial production is scheduled to start at the end of 2024, with series production starting in 2025. After the first phase, the BMW plant will produce 150,000 cars per year and employ 1,000 people.

Meanwhile, BMW and CATL of China have announced a multi-year agreement to supply battery cells for the Neue Klasse models. CATL has agreed with BMW on a total battery capacity of 20 gigawatt-hours per year. CATL is also building a plant in Debrecen, a few kilometers from BMW’s plant in the Southern Economic Zone.

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