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BMW’s Debrecen plant plays a key role in the company’s transition to electric mobility

Debrecen will get high-tech BMW plant.

BMW’s Debrecen plant, which will produce 150,000 cars a year on 400 hectares of land, will completely replace fossil fuels with on-site solar systems and renewable energy sources from the region. In addition, the gas furnaces traditionally used for painting will be replaced with electric technology. Another key to sustainable operation is circularity. Scrap metal from milling and pressing will be recycled, and the waste heat from cooling will be used to heat the interiors and tap water; intelligent energy monitoring systems will additionally filter out waste. 

The entire factory and production process is first being designed virtually down to the smallest detail, and digital simulations are being used to optimize subsequent actual production to a degree previously unimaginable. The use of Omniverse software, developed in partnership with NVIDIA in the U.S., not only makes designing faster and more accurate but also makes it easier to work together — both in-house and with partners and suppliers. 

Applications using artificial intelligence will support quality assurance and control predictive maintenance processes to increase efficiency and autonomous logistics systems. In addition to AI, edge computing, data analytics and 5G-based location technologies will also play a role in the unprecedented perfection of the factory.

The BMW Group is committed to recruiting Hungarian technology professionals for senior positions and attracting innovation and automotive talent with offers worthy of the country’s most attractive employer.

In addition to attractive salaries, special insurance, travel allowances, access to company health services, and premium meal options, they plan to support and educate the children of Hungarian and German families.

In September 2023, the training center will be completed in cooperation with the Debrecen Vocational Training Center, where 70 talented trainees will be prepared for the vocational qualification exams every year in a three-year training program.

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