Billions of investment tenders to help agriculture

More than HUF 1.5 trillion has been allocated to agriculture through rural development tenders over the last year and a half.

Zsolt Feldman, Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development at the Ministry of Agriculture, told MTI on Saturday that around 70 percent of the EU funds, which are backed by 80 percent national co-financing, are helping to create investments in the framework of last year’s and this year’s agricultural tenders.

For example, there was great interest in funding for precision farming, crop drying and storage, and improving conditions for livestock farming, he said.

With regard to the rise in the cost of building materials since a year ago, the secretary of state said that the increase in construction costs has been reflected in the tendering procedure.

Despite the drought, the increase in the price of inputs used in agricultural production, and the economic situation caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine, the government’s aim is to ensure that as many investments as possible are made.

Feldman said that tenders for water management and irrigation are still open, as are those for addressing afforestation and the development of equestrian facilities.

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