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Bike tours around Budapest

Many people decided to use their bicycles instead of public transportation after the coronavirus hit to get to an intended destination. But cycling is great for sightseeing and exercise, too.

With the surge of bicycle riders, many still do not know where designated bike routes are or where to find interesting spots they can easily bike to.

With the help of regional organizations and professional partners, the Kerékpárklub Budapesten (Budapest Bicycle Club) has compiled a map of Budapest Bike Circles, clearly showing new bike lanes, designated cycling routes, routes to various natural and architectural attractions, and paths through nature or along the Danube.

The map covers an area from East Pest to Normafa, from the northern M0 bridge to the southern M0 bridge.

Bike lanes can be great for beginners, since they are separated from street traffic for a safe experience. And the map makes for great family outings as well. Several routes pass by houses participating in the program of the Center for Contemporary Architecture Budapest, with information provided on the most interesting ones.

Kerékpáros Klub
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