Bicycle paths to reach 15,000 kilometers by 2030

Péter Szijjártó spoke about the plans at the handover ceremony of the Biri-Balkány cycle path in Hungary.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that the 3-kilometer-long cycle path built between Biri and the Balkans was another step in expanding the length of domestic cycling paths.

The value of the development is HUF 365 million, from which the government subsidy was HUF 284 million. According to the Minister, this new investment will be for the convenience of cycling tourists visiting the country and will also make it easier and safer for those living here to reach the outskirts of Biri and the Balkans. 

Szijjártó noted that 1,500 kilometers of cycle paths have been developed since 2010, and together with the ongoing and soon-to-be-completed developments, more than 6,000 kilometers of cycle paths will be available to cyclists in Hungary. 

The Minister said that today three-quarters of children in the Netherlands go to school by bicycle, and although “we Hungarians are not there yet,” we are still doing very well, as behind the Netherlands and Denmark, Hungary has the greatest number of people using a bicycle. 

“The more bike paths that are built, the more we can do for our health, the more we can move around and the better we can reduce air pollution,” Szijjártó said.

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