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Bicycle Friendly initiatives launched across Hungary

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has opened applications for the Bicycle Friendly Settlement and Bicycle Friendly Workplaces programs up until November 7th.

The share of bicycle users as the main means of transport in Hungary currently stands at 22 percent, which is the third highest in Europe after Holland and Denmark. This is the main reason behind towns and cities across Hungary launching Bicycle Friendly initiatives to help the public.  

To promote the Bicycle Friendly Settlement and Bicycle Friendly Workplaces initiatives, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology has stressed the importance of cycling as a major contributor to environmentally friendly, sustainable transport and also as an effective means of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. 

The Ministry is constantly improving the infrastructure for cycling within and between cities. Between 2014 and 2020, bicycle-friendly investments have been generated from domestic and EU subsidies worth HUF 200 billion. There are 9,100 kilometers of bicycle facilities in Hungary, of which 5,100 kilometers are designated cycling roads (flood protection embankment, forest roads, and light traffic streets) and 4,000 kilometers are dedicated cycling or walking paths. The full cycling network is planned to reach 15,000 kilometers by 2030, offering a safe and comfortable alternative to private car use.

In addition to infrastructure development, effective awareness raising is also an important part of getting the message out. For these reasons, the Ministry encourages initiatives run by municipalities, companies and public institutions to create a cycling-friendly environment and infrastructure.

Workplaces can apply for Bike Friendly titles in four categories (multinational companies, large companies, SMEs, public institutions), and municipalities in three categories (cities with county rights or capital districts, cities, and towns or villages).

The application form can be found here.

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