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Behind-the-scenes tours at Debrecen International Airport

Starting in January 2022, those interested will be able to visit places at Debrecen International Airport like never before.

Come January, Debrecen International Airport will not only be the starting point for flights but also for bus tours. Airport tours will be launched via cooperation between Debrecen International Airport and the Aviation Cultural Center.

János Vajda, Managing Director of Debrecen International Airport, said that basically visitors can go behind the scenes of the airport and see what goes on during the servicing of aircraft. 

Groups will be taken by bus to points of the airport where they would otherwise have no access at all. The tour route includes the runway, several military hangars and a training ground for firefighters. A tour guide will explain the arrows on the runway, the white and black lines, the landing point for aircraft, and many other interesting things.

Visitors will also learn that a plane can land at a speed of 240–250 kilometers per hour and watch workers dousing the plane with de-icing fluid before take-off. The Aviation Cultural Center organized the first airport tour in Budapest, and now a similar tour has been planned for Debrecen.

Dániel Somogyi-Tóth, founder of the Aviation Cultural Center, said the program is excellent for all ages, for classes, groups or individual visitors. The capacity of the bus is 50 people.

Participants will also be able to see aircraft take off up close. 

The tours will start in January 2022 and take place every Saturday.

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