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Baradla cave seeking medical certification

Therapeutic treatments primarily target those with respiratory illness.

The Baradla Cave in Aggtelek National Park is now undergoing testing and obtaining the proper infrastructure to be certified as a cave for medical therapy. Therapeutic treatments will use the proven healing microclimate of the cave to help primarily with respiratory diseases. The healing effect depends on the composition of the cave air, the amount of air flow and the cave water, so the determination and measurement of these elements provides important data as to just how effective such therapy can be in this given location.

The trial therapy is part of a joint Hungarian-Slovakian medical tourism development that will enable the Baradla-Domica Cave System to continue medical treatments via funding of more than EUR 1.5 million.

Deputy Director General of the Aggtelek National Park Directorate, Péter Gruber, explained that testing entails administering three weeks of treatment during more than one season to adequately prove effectiveness during the different periods of air quality. The first trial has started and will be followed by treatments in the spring and summer; if patients display a positive change, then the cave will have proven itself to be suitable for medical therapy.

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