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Artificial intelligence ambassadors promote AI

A female international chess master and robot engineer will promote artificial intelligence.

László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, presented Hungary’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy in September 2020. He reported that the strategy, developed by more than 270 member organizations of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition and more than 1,000 experts, defines the basics of the strategy, its technological focus areas and various projects. Based on the strategy, Hungarian society and its economy need to get ready for the fact that this technology is coming, he added.

Roland Jakab, President of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition, previously said that Hungary ranks among the countries with average AI readiness in the EU; the goal of the coalition is to thus make people more aware of the technology.

Now, the latest awareness campaign, launched last December by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Artificial Intelligence Coalition, is entering a new phase.

Tícia Gara, female international chess master, and György Lévay, a development engineer for intelligent robot arms, are trying to bring the basics of Artificial Intelligence closer to the general public with awareness-raising videos on the technology’s potential. 

Both are connected to technology on a daily basis, so they are able to talk about both the benefits it offers as well as the associated dangers and fears.

Almost all data and knowledge has been digitized, and today the life of a professional chess player is unthinkable without the help of a computer. In fact, you don’t even necessarily need a human training partner anymore, Gara Tícia said.

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