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Around 800,000 homes could be renovated by the end of the year

4% of households are certain to spend more on their home in the next year, while 15.7% are likely to do so.

A joint survey conducted by GKI and Masterplast in July showed that at the beginning of the third quarter, households’ plans for renovating and modernizing their homes fell slightly compared to the previous quarter, but 100,000 more households are still planning renovations compared to the same period last year.

Among owners of single-family houses, the strongest renovation and modernization intentions are among those who own their home. One in four houses is likely to undergo minor or major maintenance in the next year.

Some 14 percent of families living in prefabricated housing and 15-16 percent of those living in brick-built housing plan to renovate, a slight decrease compared to the previous quarter.

Almost half of families considering renovating or upgrading their home, 47 percent, would also use the government subsidy provided by the Home Renovation Program. 

Most people would renovate their bathroom (30 percent), but more than a quarter of respondents (27 percent) would upgrade the interior and heating system of their home. Many people are also interested in replacing external windows and doors, and installing thermal insulation and solar panels.

A particularly high proportion of people living in municipalities (68 percent) and young people under 31 (66 percent) hope to use the aid.

As the survey was carried out before the government announcement of the changes to the utility bills, it is likely that interest in energy efficiency measures, in particular, will increase strongly in the near future, GKI says.

GKI organizes a quarterly survey to gauge the intentions and plans of the population for home renovation and modernization. This July, 1,000 people were included in the representative survey. The survey has been carried out since January 2020 with the support of Masterplast.

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