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Architectural awards handed out in Budapest

The winners are behind some of the country’s finest accomplishments, from the rebuilding of the Royal Riding School of Buda to the reconstruction of Teleki-Tisza Castle

Gergely Gulyás, leader of the Prime Minister’s Office, handed out this year’s Pro Architectura Awards. Winners received a reward of one million forints and proof of donation. The ten award recipients were chosen based on “architectural design activities with outstanding results in the creation of a prominent architectural, urban, landscape or interior design; promotion of Hungarian architectural culture; creation of a quality-built environment; preservation of architectural values; and development of architectural policy.”

Zoltán Schrammel was awarded for his outstanding achievements in architectural public life and architectural education.

The Pallas Athena Domus Sapientiae Foundation won in the Builder category for its work on the renovation of Old Buda City Hall.

Zoltán Reznicsek received ministerial recognition as a contractor for the execution of outstanding architectural works due to his detailed and magnificent craftsmanship in the rebuilding of the Royal Riding School of Budavár.

Other winners included: Peter and Bence Pottyondy for Diósgyőr Stadium, voted Stadium of the Year in 2018 by an international professional jury; Robert Gutowski, Attila Révai, István Kövér, and Ákos Boczkó for the minimalist Pope John Paul II church-parish-community space in Páty; Fernezelyi, Basa Office Architect Limited Company for its contemporary three-apartment complex in Budapest; and István Mányi, Dániel Mányi, László Gergely, Gábor Kardos, and Krisztina Németh for their many years of work on the renewal and reconstruction of Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts. 

A full list of winners and photos of some of the work can be found here.

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