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Another important approval for the Paks II project

The Paks II project has received the so-called soil stabilization permit from the National Nuclear Energy Office.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said that one of the most serious crises affecting the world is that of energy supply; a few months ago, no one would have thought that the problem related to energy procurement would not be the price but whether there is enough energy on the international market.

In the years to come, countries that can produce a significant proportion of the energy they consume will be the ones that will be secure, he added.

According to the minister, Hungary is building the Paks nuclear power plant in order to free the country from any uncertainty in the international energy market starting in 2030 and to maintain the results of the reduction of utility costs in the long term. 

He stressed that the soil stabilization permit for the development of the Paks nuclear power plant is important because the main priority for such facilities is to prevent them from sinking, so the soil underneath them must be solidified. This is done with different materials, but basically cement, he added.

The partition permit, which has already been obtained, and the soil consolidation permit are the most important prerequisites for the construction permit, after which construction can start, he added.

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