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Another Hungarian startup success

Bitrise lured its latest hire from Facebook's California headquarters

Gergely Hodicska, development director of Bitrise, snatched Árpád Kun away from social media giant Facebook to serve as the startup’s head of infrastructure. Kun admits the move was a big risk, especially in the middle of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, but he was attracted to the challenge of building something new.

Bitrise is known as one of Hungary’s hottest startups and touts investors such as Ashton Kutcher, Oktogon Ventures, and several other international venture capital firms.

At Facebook, Kun worked on the Content Delivery Network, ensuring the effective delivery of content from the global service provider to users around the world — more than 2.6 billion each month, or 1.7 billion active users daily.

“Facebook is one of the top three companies in infrastructure design, construction and operation in the world. Although we have constantly changed, optimized and improved on existing parts, and designed and built new features, a lot of things have already been built in a scalable way in Facebook’s infrastructure, so there is less area that can be built from scratch,” Kun explained as the reason for his career move. He added, “Operating Bitrise is a problem that has no trivial solution; so with this team, I can be part of the design, solution and execution as well.”

Árpád believes his work at Bitrise will make life easier for a lot of people in the future. “We’re making the world a better place by not having developers waste their time on tedious, automated tasks but having them create instead. That would be my added value to the world,” he said.

Founded in 2015, Bitrise develops a service that automates the work of mobile app developers, including for companies such as Mozilla, TransferWise and Sixt. Last year, Bitrise tripled its revenues and number of employees. It has three international offices and will soon open a fourth in Boston.

The company’s founding CEO, Barnabás Birmacher, was able to leverage his experience at the world-renowned startup incubator, Y Combinator, where he learned to effectively scale his business. In 2019, Bitrise closed investment deals for $20 million from Finland’s OpenOcean and France’s Partech.

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