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Another Hungarian brandy has received EU protection

In addition to the Nagykunság quince pálinka, 8 other Hungarian pálinkas with geographical indications are also now under EU protection.

The quince brandy from Nagykunság has been added to the list of EU-protected geographical indications.

The Hungarian pálinka is now an EU-protected pálinka made from quince grown in Nagykunság, the European Commission Representation in Hungary wrote on its Facebook page.

In addition to the primary taste of the quince, a fresh citrus character appears complemented by a discreet tone of compote, according to the explanatory memorandum.

At least 50 percent of the pálinka consists of the distillate of the Mezőtúr quince variety, which is why the pálinka has rosy and fragrant aroma notes.

The outstanding quality of “Nagykunsági birspálinka” is also proven by the many prizes it has won in domestic and international pálinka competitions.

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