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Another 190 bicycles to be added to MOL Bubi

The public bicycle service is expanding its fleet with 190 new bikes in the coming days.

The company’s partner, Csepel Zrt., which manufactures MOL Bubi bicycles, has been working at full capacity to produce the new bikes. Several dozen of the new vehicles have already been delivered to the collection stations, and the rest will be continuously delivered in the coming days, BKK told MTI. 

In addition, the service area of the system is being expanded and the Podmaniczky Square station will soon be available again. 

According to BKK, the expansion is much needed, as the public shuttle service has been hugely popular since its renewal last year, reaching over 2.5 million trips this year. In recent months, the number of daily rides has increasingly exceeded 13,000, and in May and June, there were even days when more than 14,000 bikes were used, an absolute record. The average in June was over 12,000. 

The Mobi points handed over at the end of May are not the same as the Mol Bubi collection points. The Mobi points are not for depositing Mol Bubi bicycles but other micro-mobility transport devices, such as privately owned bicycles and scooters, as well as their electric versions. Anyone who leaves a Mol Bubi bicycle outside the collection station will be charged a HUF 5,000 removal fee, they said.

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