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All 23 towns with county rights to be accessible by highway by 2025

With the new highway to Eger, 18 of the 23 are now part of the country’s highway network.

In 2016, the government launched a HUF 3.2 trillion program — primarily from Hungary’s own budget — for the development of transport roads, connecting all towns with county rights to the country’s highway network. By 2025, all 23 will be accessible by highway, and the total length of Hungarian roads will increase from the current 1,500 kilometers to “well over 2,000 kilometers.”

The M25 motorway connecting Eger with the M3 motorway is now complete. The 19-kilometer section, built in two phases, cost about HUF 50 billion.

The project will contribute to the economic development of cities and their surroundings, as well as making road transport safer and faster, said Minister of Defense Tibor Benkő. In the case of Eger and its surroundings, all this serves to further strengthen tourism, he added. 

Zsolt Nyitrai, the Member of Parliament of the region, said that the new road, which affects five settlements and relieves traffic going through Füzesabony, Eger, Maklár, Andornaktálya, Nagytálya and Kerecsend, also makes the area greener and more environmentally friendly, as more than 100,000 trees and shrubs were planted during construction and nearly 880,000 square feet were seeded with grass. 

The M25 motorway can be used free of charge until January 1, 2021.

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