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Alba Airport to be developed

Original plans back in 2008 expected over 1.5 million passengers to use the airport by 2017.

Alba Airport will finally be developed into an international commercial airport with the involvement of the Hungarian Tourism Agency. The government has called upon various ministries, including the Minister for Innovation and Technology, and the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Chief to prepare a proposal on the development, with a deadline of April 30 for the submission; at that time, a cost estimate should be available. 

The former military airport is 10 kilometers from Székesfehérvár, on the border of Börgönd, and has been used partly for aviation sports and other activities since 1995. Its current owner is the local governments of Székesfehérvár and Aba. 

Back in 2008, large-scale plans called for Alba Airport to become Hungary’s second international airport and had been expected to open in 2010. The cost of the development at that time was estimated at some HUF 20-25 billion and would have included a 2-kilometer-long runway as well as 5,000-square-meter passenger terminal.

Developer Biggeorge’s NV had counted on some 3.5 million potential passengers that it had deemed were in “reach” of the airport, meaning they were within 90 minutes of Alba. This calculation meant that the airport presumably could have been profitable after its first few years in operation. 

Alba was to operate primarily low-cost flights and compete directly with Hungary’s number one airport of Ferihegy, outside of Budapest, via more favorable pricing. Developers expected to accommodate some 150,000 passengers in the first year, and over 1.5 million by 2017

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