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Agreement on the development of the first smart forest is signed

The "Smart Forest" technology will help plan and implement effective interventions that support sustainability.

The University of Sopron and Albacomp Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement at the Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and World Summit to develop the first smart forest sensors and data processing system in Hungary.

As MTI reported, the “Smart Forest” technology created by the University of Sopron will support the preparation of forests for climate change using digitalization. The smart forest, based on a system of intelligent sensors, will not only enable the monitoring and understanding of forest ecosystems more accurately but also the planning and implementation of effective interventions that support sustainability.

The strategic agreement with Albacomp RI Systems Integration Ltd. will provide network coverage and a set of tools to securely receive information from the more isolated and remote parts of the valley in the area belonging to Tanulmányi Forestry Zrt. 

According to the agreement, Albacomp, in cooperation with the University of Sopron’s Faculty of Forest Engineering, will develop and produce smart sensors based on the university’s requirements. The database built from the information collected in the forest area will be made available to the University of Sopron for analysis and evaluation. 

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