Aeroexpress to continue to develop in Transylvania

Two-month test period of regional flights proved successful.

Aeroexpress Regional launched direct flights from Budapest to Cluj-Napoca and from Debrecen to Cluj-Napoca-Murescureș on September 5, 2022. In a recent interview with Turizmuz.com, they shared their experience with the two-month test period.

Dániel Somogyi-Tóth, founder and co-owner of Aeroexpress Regiona, said that they are convinced the launch of flights to Cluj-Napoca and Târgu Mureș was valuable, meaningful, and niche. They are most satisfied with the Budapest-Kolozsvár service, which saw a 30 percent weekly increase in passenger numbers.

He explained that although the Debrecen-Mosvásárhely route grew, the growth was less rapid, as expected due to the smaller market. Meanwhile, the Budapest-Kolozsvár route performed better than expected, and contrary to earlier plans, it will start operating from mid-December.

Next year, in addition to Debrecen, Aeroexpress is considering regional airports in Western Hungary — such as Pécs, Sármellék, and Győr — for regional flights.

Somogyi-Tóth Dániel stated that the opening of Brasov airport would also be a positive factor in the regional system. He added that they are thinking primarily about the Carpathian Basin, destinations where it is more difficult to reach due to the lack of motorways. Domestically, they are already working on programs for next year following the successful trials of the Aeroexpress hydroplane.

The founding shareholder of Aeroexpress Regional is BASe Airlines Zrt., a 100 percent Hungarian-owned company that has been present in the market for 31 years and has gained considerable experience in European regional aviation. The Brazilian-built Embraer 120 ER passenger aircraft used by the airline is specifically designed for the efficient and economical operation of short-haul regional flights.

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