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Adult education to be revamped

Come September, vocational training schools will feature 174 basic professions.

The government will launch a new system for adult education this September in the hope of making it more dynamic and responsive to labor-market needs. Currently, almost 56,000 Hungarians are studying in adult education. HUF 35 billion will be invested in the new system, with the number of professions that can be studied (free of charge) increasing significantly. 

Gábor Pölöskei, Deputy State Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said that technical and vocational schools need to be more service-oriented to help keep up with the needs of adult education today. 

The current National Training Register (OKJ), which has so far included 759 professions, will be abolished, but for students wishing to study under the current OKJ system, market-based training centers will remain open until December 31. Also, paid courses will be available from 2021.

As to the 585 professions disappearing, the argument is that they are no longer considered real trades, that is, are not relevant to current labor-market needs.

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