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Additional HUF 22 billion support for research institute network

Hungary must improve funding conditions to give new researchers more and better research opportunities.

The Hungarian research network has played a leading role in the region so far and stands somewhere in the middle internationally; but the current salaries of Hungarian researchers lag behind foreign salaries, so young researchers are not applying to institutes here, said Miklós Maróth, president of ELKH.

Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics said that after reviewing the operation of the network of research institutes in Hungary, he submitted a proposal to the government requesting that it increase support for these institutes in its 2021 budget.

If the government accepts the proposal, an additional HUF 22 billion, on top of the normal HUF 17.5 billion, will be available for the operation and development of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH) from 2021.

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