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A year-long series of events to celebrate Budapest’s 150th birthday

The event will run for a year starting November 17, 2022.

According to Csaba Faix, CEO of Budapest Brand Nonprofit Zrt., the capital is expected to have 30 flagship events and 60 institutional events, as well as district events. Most of the programs are expected to be held from April 2023.

To mark the anniversary, a monograph on Budapest will be published, the Budapest History Museum will organize an exhibition on the Budapest identity, and the Budapest Festival Orchestra will launch a competition to write an overture for Budapest.

As part of the Budapest Book Capital program, a project called Budapest Big Novel will be launched, a collection of local stories written by writers and civic activists in 23 districts of Budapest.

They are also working on an app with Fortepan to mark the commemorative year, and the celebrations will include a festival of light painting and concerts as well.

The website of the program is available at 150.budapest.hu.

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