A startup from the University of Győr is developing a high-performance racing engine

The prototype is being developed by ADT with the support and investment of the HUF 66.5 million Startup Campus.

Széchenyi István University (SZE, University of Győr) finds it vital to spread an entrepreneurial culture among its students. It is their strategic goal to help as many innovative ideas as possible that are born in an academic environment get to market and become successful businesses. 

Last August, the institution started to operate under the management of the Foundation for Széchenyi István University, and as a result of this, its relationship with Audi Hungaria deepened. 

Now, the four-member team of Advanced Drivetrain Technology (ADT) at Széchenyi István University is delving into the development of race cars and their technical and economic aspects. 

In June, the startup received first-round funding of HUF 66.5 million from the Startup Campus Incubator, from which it will develop a prototype concept with a redesigned engine block and individual cylinder head this year. The new solution can provide a previously unattainable performance boost for any racing team using a conventional or VFTS Lada engine (which has the highest performance in its category) and guarantees 70 percent of the maximum power available in the widest speed range. The product is expected to be unveiled in collaboration with Havassy Motorsport and a cutting-edge racing team.

Zsolt Kovács, Managing Director of Startup Campus, said that the goal of Startup Campus is to support the marketing of innovations coming out of the Hungarian university network, for which they also provide international business knowledge and capital. “We are proud to invest in the Advanced Drivetrain Technology team. Automotive motorsports is an innovation-intensive industry that’s becoming more and more important in Hungary, which is why we also work with Gábor Talmácsi and HUMDA (Hungarian Automotive Motorsport Development Agency),” he said.

The MD added that Győr is located in the center of one of the world’s leading economic regions and has all the conditions for the birth of further Hungarian success stories.

In addition to its role as an investor, Startup Campus also supports innovative developments in the region through several other programs. 

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