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A new secretary of state will be created for green issues

The new secretary will be responsible for managing sustainability and energy issues.

Starting January 15, 2021, the State Secretary for Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the State Secretary for the Construction Economy, Infrastructure Environment and Sustainability will be combined into a single position.

As the Ministry explained in its recent statement, the strategic and regulatory foundations of the Climate and Nature Action Plan were laid out by the Ministry last year. The challenge for the next period is to coordinate and implement a wide range of programs in line with international commitments and obligations.

The task requires someone who mainly has EU consultation experience, so the new State Secretariat will be headed by Attila Steiner, Secretary of State for EU Affairs of the Ministry of Justice.

Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics will continue to count on the work of the former state secretaries, Anita Boros and Péter Kaderják, who played a key role in the preparation of the action plan. 

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