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A new nature trail in Western Mecsek

Programs aim to get young and old alike back in touch with nature.

Mecsekerdő Zrt. handed over a new educational trail on forest wildlife and the hidden treasures in the woods of Hetvehely in Baranya.

The 2.4-kilometer nature trail starts from Hetvehely and ends in the Sás Valley. Three information and five interactive (rotatable) boards help children have fun while learning about the different species of wildlife and plant life, including mushrooms, stream dwellers, and herbs, and learning various crafts such as “waxing” (collecting resin). The project cost HUF 1.4 million.

István Ripszám, CEO of Mecsekerdő, said the company will still launch its thematic tours, postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. From the series, they hope to be able to pass on a different kind of knowledge than that which can be gained from books, TV or the internet.

Sándor Szentpéteri, Deputy Secretary of State for Forests, emphasized that forests were once part of our life, but now it takes time to connect with nature. That’s why the work of forest educators who help us get back to the forest and take note of nature’s wonders is important.

In Hungary, because of the forest school movement, some 100,000 schoolchildren attend forestry events each year, and 4,000-6,000 kids can spend a week in the country’s Wandering Camp program. “In addition to the educational trails, Mecsekerdő also offers plenty of tours for adults, such as deer rutting tours or thematic cycling routes,” he noted.

The first forest school was established in 1995 in the Mecsek Mountains, and the second in 1996 in Zselic.

In the event of a favorable tender decision, a wooden lookout tower will be built at the highest point of Zselic, Hollófészek, and the Pipe Museum in Ibafa could be renewed and expanded in the future as well.

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