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A new law for remote work

Negotiations have started with various players to amend the rules for working from home.

Sándor Bodó, State Secretary for Employment Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said that based on the experience gained during the coronavirus epidemic, home-working has proven itself in many areas and is beneficial for both employers and employees. 

Remote work helps protect jobs and contributes to increasing employment, so extensive consultations have begun with economic players on the amendment of the rules surrounding working from home. Changes at the legislative level may be submitted to Parliament as early as autumn.

The legal environment must adapt to economic and social challenges in the labor market, and the regulation of remote work should also be addressed in a timely manner to increase employment. Current plans include expanding the concept of home-working, putting the employer-employee agreement on a new footing to advance the interests of both parties.

In the future, a place of work could be freely chosen as long as it complies with occupational safety and health regulations. Remote work could also be implemented only partially, that is, for only part of the workweek.

The amendments will also enable employers to contribute to an employee’s costs, such as for equipment needed to work from home.  

It can be worthwhile for companies to enable home-working, depending on their given area of activity, operational characteristics and the job of their employees and as long as employees can fulfill their given job duties from home.

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