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A lion statue of Sisi’s rest house in the Buda Castle has been excavated

The renovation of the historical gardens and parks of the Buda Castle District will continue in 2021.

The castle walls are constantly being renewed within the framework of the National Hauszmann Program so visitors and people living in the castle district have a nicer environment and can walk around Buda Castle safely. 

During an initial survey and archaeological excavation, experts found a number of valuable Roman, medieval, early-modern and turn-of-the-century finds.

One of the most valuable items was a lioness that once adorned the facade of the home of Queen Elizabeth, known as Sisi. The home was built by Alajos Hauszmann at the request of the queen. It was demolished after the Second World War, and the medieval Sigismund Tower was built in its place. 

Roman coins, a silver coin made during the reign of King Ferdinand I, cannonballs of solid iron, a 17th-century ring, and some other tokens from the late 19th century were also found. A  railway seal made in Košice in 1918 was unearthed as well.

In addition to the current castle wall reconstructions, there will be continuous excavations in the coming years, which experts hope will reveal more information and finds from past centuries.

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