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A HUF 15 billion grant will be launched to support on-the-job training

The success of the Hungarian economy requires effective cooperation between entrepreneurs and the government.

In his statement, Parliamentary and Strategic State Secretary at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology Tamás Schanda emphasized that from October 1, 2021, the government will provide a HUF 15 billion tender framework to support on-the-job training.

“The Hungarian government wants to be a partner for both employers and employees, so we are committed to training a workforce equipped with modern, up-to-date knowledge,” Schanda said.

The state secretary pointed out that more people work in Hungary today than they have since the change of regime, but it is important to strengthen capabilities and continuously expand competencies due to the explosive changes in technology.

Micro and small enterprises with less than 50 employees can receive support totaling 70 percent of the cost of corporate training of their employees, while medium-sized companies can get 60 percent and large companies, 50 percent.

With the same support levels, the state will also take over the wages of these employees for lost working time. The subsidy becomes non-refundable if employers continue to employ program participants for at least one year, raising their wages at a rate faster than the increase in the minimum wage.

Further details and the application interface are available at munka.hu.

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