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600 new nursery places coming to 32 settlements across Hungary

Almost 600 nursery and mini-nursery places are to be realized in 32 settlements following a cash injection of HUF 3.2 billion.

Ábel Berczik, Deputy State Secretary for Treasury at the Ministry of Finance, said the aim of the new nursery program is to support the reconciliation of work and family life.

Berczik said the government’s goal is to expand the number of nurseries to 60,000 by 2022, and to encourage childbearing by making a significant contribution to the cost of raising children. The system of family tax breaks, the development of the kindergarten institutional system, as well as the ever greater support for the creation of a home serve this goal. 

A HUF 3.2 billion pot has been made available for the nursery development projects. Winners of a nursery development tender can also receive additional support if they can prove that their planned construction costs increased by up to 30 percent during the work.

The deputy secretary of state emphasized that a maximum of HUF 300 million can be used for the construction or expansion of nurseries, and up to HUF 75 million for the construction or expansion of mini-nurseries. 

In the case of the reopening of a nursery, a mini-nursery or a refurbishment with additional capacity, municipalities can apply for up to HUF 100 million for the former and up to HUF 50 million for the latter. Priority will be given to cost-effective and energy-efficient building solutions that are deemed environmentally friendly. 

Applications can be submitted to the Hungarian Treasury up until March 18, 2020.

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