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39% of Hungarian firms pursued energy savings in last 3 years

In May 2022, GKI measured energy-saving investments and the savings achieved by 964 companies.

According to the information shared by MTI, companies with fewer than 11 employees were the least likely to have made such improvements, while companies with more than 250 employees were the most likely. On average, the investments reduced firms’ energy costs by 12 percent.

The highest savings (14 percent) were recorded for firms with between 151 and 250 employees and the lowest (6 percent) for those with over 250 employees, with no significant difference between sectors.

The GKI research showed that energy savings have not been an explicit goal in the past, but rather a co-benefit of reduced energy use as a result of productive investment. However, in the face of escalating energy prices and in order to achieve energy independence, businesses need targeted resources to reduce energy use more strongly and increase energy production for their own purposes.

This would also significantly improve the competitiveness of domestic businesses while reducing their dependence on external energy sources, GKI said in a statement.

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