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2021 will bring faster internet on MÁV trains

MÁV is continuously introducing new devices that are easier to use and provide significantly faster internet.

Currently, nearly 700 railway cars have free wireless internet available to passengers using third-generation (3G) routers. The railway company MÁV now aims to replace the existing equipment with 4G routers, taking advantage of the development of data transmission technology.

The development will take place in three phases, with replacements being carried out during scheduled carriage maintenance. The modernization of the entire fleet is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021.

The first 200 4G routers and their accessories have already been installed in IC cars on inland lines. For instance, the double-decker KISS trains already come equipped with a 4G router.

The installation of these routers, thanks to the nationwide 4G coverage, will result in higher data transfer speeds, meaning a significant improvement in quality and an internet connection for more passengers via the free WIFI service available.

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