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2019 Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix

The Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix is ​​the most significant recognition that institutions and companies can receive.

The award, founded by the Hungarian Innovation Association (MISZ), has been handed out since 1992 to companies registered in Hungary that have implemented significant innovations during the previous year and achieved outstanding results.

The Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix of 2019 was awarded to 3DHISTECH Kft. for its Pannoramic product family developed for digital pathological diagnostics.

The Pannoramic product family of 3DHISTECH Kft.is a pioneering, paradigm-changing method and application of optical microscope-based pathological histological diagnostics. The Pannoramic digital pathology product family received a CE IVD license in 2019 and found customers in almost 50 locations in Hungary and abroad, resulting in a HUF 3 billion revenue increase in 2019.

There were, however, other winners. BorsodChem Zrt. received the 2019 Industrial Innovation Award of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology for its complex development of the MDI polyurethane raw-material production process, while Oncompass Medicine Hungary Kft. won the 2019 IT Innovation Award for its precise decision-making procedure in oncology.

Last year, the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (NKFIH) established an innovation award entitled Basic Research to the Market. Femtonics Research and Development Ltd. received this prize in 2019 for its world-class Hungarian microscope developed for cutting-edge neuroscience research.

Veresi Paradicsom Kft. received the 2019 Agricultural Innovation Award of the Ministry of Agriculture for winter cultivation implemented in an artificially lit, hydroculture system, while the Environmental Innovation Award of the Ministry was won by ThalesNano Energy Zrt. for the H-GenieR high-pressure laboratory hydrogen generator.

The Plant Protection Institute of the Agricultural Science Research Center received the Innovation Award of the National Intellectual Property Office for the novelties of the 25-year-old “CSALOMON Trap Family.” Lastly, Fitpuli Kft. won the Startup Innovation Award of Valp Hungariae Zrt. and the Hungarian Innovation Association for its science-based digital workplace health program.

Hungary needs to move up in international innovation rankings, and the Hungarian government has built a system that makes it easier for those working in basic research to utilize their results.

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