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180 schools will receive smart classrooms

HUF 7 billion is available for modern education.

The government has decided to create modern smart classrooms that support collaborative teaching and learning, the Ministry of Human Resources told the Hungarian Telegraph Office (MTI) on Monday.

According to the announcement of the ministry, a total of HUF 7 billion will be available under the Human Resource Development Operational Program.

Pursuant to a government decision published in the Hungarian Gazette, a significant number of state-run public educational institutions will create a space for digital learning, where students use state-of-the-art digital infrastructure and robotic devices.

The umbrella organization for the state-school system, the Klebelsberg Center, can thus apply for a grant under the call “Smart Home, Development of Digital Learning Spaces in State-Owned Public Education Institutions.” According to preliminary plans, the development will be carried out in at least 180 schools where smart rooms will be created to provide ideal conditions for the application of digital pedagogy.

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