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134-year-old Dobos torte now a part of the Hungaricum Collection

The world-famous cake is now a part of official Hungarian heritage

This past Tuesday, Hungarian Minister of Agriculture István Nagy announced that the Dobos torte– a delicious enjoyed across Europe and in the US as well – has been made a part of the Hungaricum Collection, a collection of items and traditions that are distinct to Hungary’s cultural heritage and embody and preserve the Hungarian spirit. The minister emphasized that nowadays it is of vital importance that municipal, county and national values ​​our passed on to younger generations. The decision was made by the Hungaricum Committee during its second meeting this year. 

Dobos was a Hungarian chef and expert, as well as writer, on confectionery. It was 134 years ago that József Dobos C. (1847-1924) first introduced his famous Dobos torte (pronounced dobosh torta) to the Hungarian public. His cake appeared at the 1885 Hungarian National Exhibition, and Austro-Hungarian Emperor Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth (Queen of Hungary) thought it was divine. The cake is known for its sponge cake, chocolate buttercream, and hardened caramel top.

It was not until his retirement in 1906 that Dobos revealed his secret recipe by giving it to the Hungarian Confectioner and Gingerbread Bakers Craftsmen Corporation.

There were also four new entries into the Hungarian Depository: the regölés (a winter folk tradition of young men singing house to house), the Transdanubian shepherd’s long flute, the cifraszűr (a traditional Hungarian folk garment), and the tradition of Hungarian poetry, which is almost 200 years old. 

The Hungaricum Collection now has 71 “values,” while the Hungarian Depository has 167.

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