12 Hungarian startups build relationships in the USA

Twelve Hungarian startups were given the opportunity to gain first-hand experience, establish direct contacts, and learn about the investment market in the United States.

The program was jointly organized by the INPUT Program and the Express Innovation Agency.

The INPUT Program provides free services to interested parties to contribute to the development of the Hungarian ICT startup ecosystem through its expert colleagues and wide network of national and international contacts. 

The Express Innovation Agency, the innovation services subsidiary of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, is responsible for actively supporting the innovation ecosystem from upstream to the gateway to the international market.

The two-week study tour from January 3 to January 14, 2022, followed a two-round selection process and several consulting and training sessions, allowing the lucky startups to gain valuable knowledge at CES, one of the world’s most important technology shows, and then in Silicon Valley.

During the very intensive program, the startups were able to participate in meetings, mentoring sessions and pitch events. They also visited several accelerators and innovation ecosystem players where they were able to gain an even closer insight into the conditions for success in the U.S. market, as well as learn about startups, taxation issues and how to attract investors.

Participating startups

Bitninja – An integrated cloud-based security solution that leverages the strongest protection mechanisms.

DP Innovations – A new generation of airway inhaler that uses nebulization technology to deliver a drug to the patient’s lungs. 

Haris Digital – An artificial intelligence-based solution that can augment legacy manufacturing equipment with cost-effective sensors.

IMM Data – A platform that optimizes production and increases efficiency by collecting and processing data from machinery in the plastics, metal and food industries.

Maxwhere– A versatile platform of virtual spaces that gives the illusion of physical space for easier capture and therefore more efficient work, training or presentation, while perfectly complementing existing software and improving the user experience.

Mindrove– Portable biosensor devices, including the neuroLeet project, which aims to provide mental training for e-athletes.

Mollia – Adaptive, teachable software for kinematic control of virtual humanoid robots. 

Munch – A food rescue platform for restaurants and shops that sell unsold but good-quality food at a discount.

Refilamer– A technology that turns plastic waste into filament, a material for 3D printing.

Scraping Robotics– A manufacturing technology development that replaces manual scraping, designed to reduce downtime for maintenance and the time it takes to produce new parts.

SkillX – An innovative HR-tech software, a reimagined workforce methodology that creates a globally objective and sustainable HR ecosystem in the digital space.  

Smapplab – Real-time decision support, pest monitoring and effective pest management for farmers to control pests.

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