11 tourist areas now priority regions

The review of the National Tourism Development Strategy 2030 has begun, and a new government decree is defining 11 areas and more than 12 investments as top priorities.

The government has now defined eleven tourist areas in Hungary. Meanwhile, more than a dozen real estate developments in the new regions have been declared a major public investment by the Cabinet.

Newly defined tourist areas include Lake Balaton, Sopron-Fertő, Bük-Sárvár, Tokaj and Nyíregyháza, Mátra-Bükk, Gulya and its region, Győr- Pannonhalma, Szeged and its region, Pécs-Villány, and Debrecen and its region, as well as the surroundings of Budapest.

Six pieces of real estate and developments of tourist significance in the area of Lake Balaton and seven in the Sopron Fertő tourist area were marked as priority state investments: 

Balaton tourist area 

  1. The Ranolder villa in Csopak
  2. The Festetics castle complex and park in Keszthely
  3. The Amazon Hostel, Horse Exchange and Residential Building Complex
  4. Fenékpuszta monuments
  5. The Fenyves allé
  6. The Majorág building complex in Szántód 

Sopron – Fertő tourist area

  1. Development of the Lake Neusiedl waterworks
  2. The Lövérek program national conference center
  3. Fertőd Esterházy Castle Complex and related areas
  4. The area around the Fertőd tomb
  5. the Nagycenki Széchenyi Castle complex and related areas 
  6. The Hársfasor part of the Nagycenki Széchenyi Castle Park
  7. The Fertőrákos Episcopal Palace

Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló, Hortobágy and Lake Tisza, as well as the Danube Bend have also been added to the 2016 government decree that defined the surroundings of Lake Balaton, Sopron-Fertő, Tokaj, Felső-Tisza and Nyírség as priority tourism development areas. 

As the 2016 government decree will soon expire, the designation of new areas — under the National Tourism Development Strategy 2030 — presumably reflects the future priorities for Hungarian tourism.

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