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11-meter-high trail in the trees in Gerecse Landscape Protection Area

The educational trail was opened to the public on October 25 along with a nearby hunting lodge

Those looking to learn about nature can now take advantage of the newly opened “study trail.” The circular canopy trail is 44 meters in diameter and runs 105 meters in length over a valley at the spot of a former quarry in the Gerecse Landscape Protection Area. Certain sections have a 9% gradient, while others are flat, and the path hits a maximum height of 11 meters above the ground. 

At certain times of the year, visitors will also be able to enjoy the sound of running water beneath their feet due to a seasonal creek, all while taking in different levels of the forest and information about the area’s flora and cultural history via boards posted along the path. With a frame of galvanized metal structure, metal railing, and oak walkway, the trail is wheelchair-accessible as well.

The hunting boarding house, Alsóvadácsi, is also just a kilometer from the trail and was opened at the same time. 

Support from the Kisfaludy program and Budapest Forestry Zrt was used to modernize and improve the energy efficiency of the pension, and the new spot will now serve as an ideal accommodation for those looking to hunt or just relax and enjoy nature.

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