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1 million students can learn about finance in 2021

In six years, 974,000 students have taken part in the thematic classes, and their number should exceed 1 million in 2021.

In spring 2021, the series of Pénz7 (“Money7”) events will be held in Hungarian schools for the seventh time to develop students’ financial and entrepreneurial awareness through interactive, modern tools.

From the beginning, the program has also participated in the European Money Week initiative, which takes place in 30 countries. In recognition of its outstanding participation, the Hungarian program was ranked three times among the best in the Global Money Week series of events. 

The Ministry of Human Resources serves as the promoter of the project; it launched the program in 2015 with the aim of providing schools with practical financial knowledge for everyday use. The government officially adopted Pénz7 in 2017 as part of its national strategy to promote financial awareness.

Last year in Hungary, 217,000 students from more than 1,200 schools took part in 12,000 hours of education. In addition to the financial curriculum, the entrepreneurial part of the program enables students to meet entrepreneurs who can share their business experiences, successes and failures in person.

The focus in 2021 will be “Conscious Money Management in the Family – Family Budget,” while the entrepreneurial part will focus on how to “Do business wisely.”

The collaborators and organizers of the 2021 series of events are the Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Hungarian Banking Association, the Money Compass Foundation and the Junior Achievement Hungary Foundation.

As of September this year, 430,000 students will be able to participate. It has also been indicated that teacher preparation will again be supported by sample videos, e-learning curricula and webinars since practice-oriented and experience-based education play a key role in the program’s educational content.

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